The most quick & economically viable way to advertise your business not just locally but globally is to take your business online. With just a simple website you can start shipping across the seven seas. All you need is a website that comprise of a couple of pages. Creating a website with minimal functionalities isn’t that big of a deal, all you need is few hours of research where you can find plethora of tutorials that will guide you through each step of the way or you can just hire someone to do it for you.

That’s just one step though, there is one other step. You’ve to buy a web hosting to host your website at. It’s the internet so naturally you’ve a tons of options to choose from. Ergo, you will naturally get lost in the maze of too many options. That’s where we can provide you substantial help. Help through which you can find the most economical & efficient option.

If a couple of keywords brought you here, where you were trying to find out which web hosting to buy, then my friend you’re at the right place.

At our website we’ve extensive & in-depth reviews of Top Web Hosting Companies of 2014. We compare their prices & services quality. You be the judge! Whether you want to go for the most economical (cheap) option or you don’t mind paying a couple of extra bucks for high speed. The choice is your’s!

Below we briefly explain a few technicalities related to hosting services that will help you understand things a little more


For a website to fully function in-context of hosting services, you need the following..

  • Web hosting provider
  • Server

A hosting company can offer more than these two functionalities though, but these are basic essential things you would want to render from a hosting company.

With the passage of time, the hosting rates have come down a great deal. Now you can get a hosting for as low as $1.99/month


It is very important that the hosting service you choose, they offer quality services or else your website rankings will suffer. The most important aspect is to look for their up-time. Up-Time as the name indicates, shows that if the web hosting service stop working at some point of the day/week/month/year. However if there is ever a Down-Time that’s usually for a brief period but its very important that you keep this point in mind.

In our reviews we do mention the up-time for all the web hosting services, so heads up!


I personally look for the price & in return what kind of service they provide. As I earlier mentioned that you can get a hosting for as low as $1.99/month to $6/month

Its natural when the price increase so does the quality of service but most of the time you don’t need that kind of high end service- SO why waste money? Just read our reviews & simply go to comparison table AND decide yourself.

  •  Bandwidth
  • Per Month Price
  •  Customer Support
  • Cpanel & Dashboard Interface
  • Up Time, Speed & Security
  • Free Add-ons (if Any)
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